The table students of database timetable will be searched for a (family) name that contains some substring, provided in the URL using the GET method.
The table is generated by PHP code running on the server

This query string was :

Sorry, you must search for something!

At least 3 characters please'; include ("/home/jensen/db/timetable_footer"); die (" "); } ?>
\n"; */ while ($line = pg_fetch_array($result)) /* both indexed and associative */ { /* print "\t\n"; foreach ($line as $col_value) -- all attribs from fetch_row --- another way to do it*/ { print "\t\t\n"; print "\t\t\n"; print "\t\t\n"; $linux = $line["linux"]; print "\t\t\n"; } print "\t\n"; } print "
\n"; /* Free resultset */ pg_free_result($result); /* Closing connection */ pg_close($link); ?>