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Osiris is a server set up for the classes CS 203 and 207 at Bishop's University. Osiris is an ancient Egyptian god, and also the Egyptian name of the constellation we know as Taurus, the Bull.

CS 203 and CSc 207 Course Outlines and references

Former Students:

Most of your accounts have been deleted. I no longer back up deleted accounts. If your account still exists, and you wish to maintain it, please send me an email ( every spring. Thanks, Lin.

Class list CS 207 (Winter 2019) with link to pages

Class list CS 203 (Fall 2016) with link to pages

Class list CS 203 (Fall 2015) with link to pages

Class list CS 207 (Winter 2015) with link to pages

Former Student pages, 2009-2014, pick one:


PHP examples

Javascript examples

JavaScript References:

A javascript tutorial is at
Mozillas Javascript guide and reference at
The JavaScript object, part of another excellent Tutorial. Gives a "tree" of all the objects that may be formed by JavaScript, ckick on anything for an explanation (which comes from JavaScript "alerts"!)

Python examples

Python not currently operable on Osiris

PostgreSql database examples

Java Applets

Simple June 6, 2005 example and see source code
Final June 6, 2005 example and see source code
Solar system animation
Java applet example - BigText and see source code
DateRun source

Calculator prototype

No source code available

A java form

fill in your name, it writes it back source

Jumping text

uses threads Source (4 classes)

Pig Latin translator page Just for fun, uses these regular expressions:

# - - - strip off any initial consonants, add them + 'ay' at the end of word

s/^([bcdfghjklmnpqrstwxyzv]*)([a-z]+)/$2$1ay/i; #begin line

# word starts after space or, generally, a non-word character

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