Welcome to Osiris

This server, at Bishop's University, is primarily used for courses by Lin Jensen,
in particular CS 203, Interactive web page design and CS 207 (the sequel)

A note about accounts

This server is intended for class use, practice, and experimentation. Its mandate is not to host permanent web pages, or offer any real e-commerce. You may expect your accounts to be deleted some time after the course is over. So, former students please send email to Lin Jensen if you want to maintain your account, or retrieve any information you had here.

Please note: Home directories that were previously here have been archived, and can be restored or sent to you if you so request.

Reborn September 2014, revitalized 2016

Osiris is now running on newer hardware, with also newer software. In particular, PostgreSQL users will need to GRANT CONNECT ON (your database) TO apache.

Index of Images on this server

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